Rafael Cavalcante

I’m a 27 years old front-end developer
born and based in São Paulo, Brazil.
I also work as information architect too.


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"Rio 2016" work image
recent project

Rio 2016

Official site provides news and information about the 2016 Summer Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My role in this project is as Front-End Developer.

visit the website
Jovem Nerd work screenshot
"Jovem Nerd" work screenshot

Jovem Nerd v6

I was invited by Alexandre Ottoni, Deive Pazos and Guilherme Camillo to assist Jovem Nerd in its new version, optimizing, refactoring and maintaning front and back-end (Wordpress).

visit the website
El Hombre work screenshot
Imagem do projeto "El Hombre"

El Hombre

El Hombre is the page for Jose Manuel de La Sota, who is running for presidential elections right now in Argentina. Worked for Digital Polis as Front-End Developer.

Note: This project may or may not represent my political position visit website
Aécio Neves work screenshot
Imagem do projeto "Portal Oficial Aécio Neves"

Portal Oficial Aécio Neves

In 2014 were at The Brand Machine in a project for PSDB, developing a portal to Aécio Neves - who ran against Dilma Roussef at the presidential election. My role was as Front-End Developer.

Note: This project may or may not represent my political position
Chocolates Brasil Cacau

Chocolates Brasil Cacau

A member company of the Kopenhagem group, Chocolates Brasil Cacau is one of the biggest players in chocolate stores in Brazil.

visit the website
Companhia Athletica

Companhia Athletica

One of the biggest gyms in South America with more than 35 thousand clients. I've worked as Front-End developer for Focus Networks.

visit the website


Baptized as a reference from Terminator's Skynet, Skynerd were the biggest social network with nerd content in Brazil. Were owned by the Jovem Nerd group and closed in 2013.


Passionate. This single word can define myself working.

Currently i’m working as a freelancer front-end developer or information architect for agencies and companies. Most of them hire me to convert layouts to html+css+js or even wordpress themes. I’m in love with the startups culture and spirit and looking forward to join one very soon.

I’ve been working with: Responsive Design, Stylus, Gulp, Git, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Vagrant, Docker, and a lot of other things - not specifically in that order.

With a degree in graphic design and a few courses in the interaction design area, i’ve worked as information architect too.


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